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The 'Adarsh Vidhyasankul' we know today budded from a school run on the first floor of Adarsh Vidhyasankul in 2008. This school was Adarsh Vidhyasankul Primary School- a courageous step taken, which gradually bore a multitude of educational institutes for the people who longed for education to write their destinies themselves.

Shri Adarsh Vidhyasankul, fondly known as Kanubhai, established the Shri Adarsh Vidhyasankul Education Trust with the help of his community to augment education in Deesa. The trust was officially renamed as Adarsh Vidhyasankul Trust, Deesa in 2008.

With years of efforts made by revolutionary educationists like Shri Adarsh Vidhyasankul and the people who wished to scaffold this noble cause with their charity, Adarsh Vidhyasankul Trust, Deesa was able to canopy Gujarati and English medium kindergartens and schools, training colleges, libraries, laboratories for assorted subjects, Mamtamandir; an institute which is much more than a school for specially-abled /Divyang students;a 'Farti Prayogshala' (a mobile library and laboratory)for underprivileged rural children, hostels, hobby centres, learning centres, a remarkable sports academy, several scholarship programmes, and the list goes on... Its mantra of Better Every Day has always given impetus to its educational strategy, which aims first at the spiritual, cultural, and social development of its students.

The endeavours and achievements of this Trust, its august alumni, and everybody connected with it have received countless recognitions time and again.  Adarsh Vidhyasankul also owes its brilliance to luminaries, who have graced the institution with their invaluable presence and immense insight.

Moreover, this Trust has been the trailblazer of inclusive education; which was later promoted by the Government of India; and a mobile learning centre, which serves as a library cum laboratory for children who live in remote and underdeveloped areas around Deesa.