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About Adarsh

About Adarsh

Welcome to Adarsh Vidhyasankul Deesa ducational institution with a difference...

We believe that the destiny of a nation depends on the quality of education provided to its people. Children must always be empowered to become independent, perseverant, and responsible. Each child is unique with her own potential, strengths, weaknesses, interests, and attitude. The challenge before us is to strike a balance among information overload, exam-oriented teaching, and knowledge gain for sheer pleasure.

Adarsh Vidhyasankul Deesa Is Founded In 2009 . It Is Result Of Continuous Efforts And A Realization Of A Long Natured Dream It Is Founded Whit The Motto To Spread Education With Enculturation In Children.

This School Has Imposing Building With Spacious Classrooms And Highly Efficient Technology.

The School Has Demonstrated Tremendous Growth. Our Countinous Effort Is To Take Care Of Children By Visiting Their Homes Personaly And Also Efforts To Achieve Success In All Academic And Others.


Adarsh Management

Trying Of Best Management Is The First Principle Of Adarsh Vidhyasankul Deesa. We Always Try To Manage All The Smallest And Biggest Things With High Management And This Is The Chief Reason Of The Growth Of Our School.